Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see the information you need here or have questions regarding your transportation or hotel stay, please feel free to reach out to our event planning agency at

Air  (For Associates > 300 Miles from Orlando)
Flight Reservations
Flights have been ticketed on your behalf if requested during the registration process. Please don’t reach out to your Staples transportation team. If emergences arise during your travel (missed connections, canceled flights, etc.) please contact Ben Hedrick / TMN Events: 208-385-9510
Inbound Airport Ground Transportation

We will send vouchers for a shuttle bus to transport you to the hotel. These vouchers must be printed before your arrival.

Please visit the Mears Transportation desk located on the Ground Transportation Level (1) of the Orlando International Airport. Mears has four point of sale locations at Orlando International Airport. All Mears locations can be found on Level 1 at the far ends of Terminal A and Terminal B next to the rental car counters.

The hotel is located 25 - 35 minutes from the airport. 

Any other means of transportation cannot be submitted for expense reimbursement.

Outbound Airport Ground Transportation

When you are ready to depart the hotel on Friday, there will be 3 buses to take you back to the airport (12:30 PM, 1:30 PM & 2:15 PM). Plan to allow at least 3 hours prior to your flight time for your transfer to the airport.

Deerfield Beach Motor Coach (Deerfield Beach Associates)
Monday 6/10

Associates located in Deerfield Beach who attend the entire conference will enjoy free motor coach transportation from Deerfield to Orlando on Monday, 6/10 at 12:00 PM. Deerfield associates are required to use the provided bus. No other means of transportation will be reimbursed. The bus will depart promptly, so please plan to arrive well in advance of the 12:00 PM departure time on Monday.

Friday 6/14

Associates located in Deerfield Beach will enjoy free motor coach transportation home on Friday, 6/14 at 12:30 PM from the Dolphin Convention Center Entrance. The bus will depart promptly, so please plan to arrive well in advance of the 12:30 PM departure time on Friday.

Orlando/Tampa Associates

For those Staples associate who are located in Orlando or Tampa and are driving in, parking vouchers and mileage reimbursement will be provided.

Mandatory Conference Check-in

All attendees must come to the official Staples check-in table to receive a badge for admission to the conference. No one will be admitted to any session, meal, or event without a badge. Please the see the below schedule for dates, times and locations of the Staples check-in desk.






Dolphin Convention Center

Europe 11


Attendees arriving in Orlando on Monday need to visit the Staples check-in table located in Europe 11 from 1:00PM – 9:00PM.

If you arrive after hours, please come to breakfast early on Tuesday morning, so you can check-in to the event and receive event materials.






Dolphin Convention Center

 Southern Hemisphere IV & V Foyer

Attendees not staying at the Walt Disney Dolphin Hotel or who are arriving on Tuesday need to visit the Staples check-in table located in the Southern Hemisphere IV-V foyer from 8:00AM – 5:00PM.



Wed – Fri

6/12 – 6/14




Dolphin Convention Center

 Europe 11

Attendees arriving on Wednesday or later need to visit the Staples check-in table located in Europe 11 from 8:00AM – 5:00PM.
Important Frequently Asked Questions
What should I pack? What is the dress code?

Expect hot and humid conditions with temperatures in the 80s-90s, with a chance of afternoon showers. 

The dress code is business casual. Please take into consideration the activity locations and weather when planning your wardrobe. 

What do we do when we arrive on Monday?

When you land at the Orlando International Airport, please take the Mears shuttle to the hotel (instructions above). If you have any questions on how to get to the hotel, please call Ben Hedrick / TMN Events: 208-385-9510.

Monday evening Staples associates please join us on the Lake Terrace for a private opening reception starting at 6:00 PM

What about Tuesday and the remainder of the event?

The remainder of the event follows a standard conference schedule that will be provided once you check-in at the event. You can always view your schedule in the STS 2019 National PC Sales Conference App (see below).

How do I see my schedule?

Be sure to download the STS 2019 National PC Sales Conference App before leaving home! It will provide you a complete itinerary including: air travel details, hotel reservations, daily schedules, maps and more!

Instructions on how to download the app to follow soon.

Is internet access available?
Overnight guests have access to internet in their guest rooms and the conference space. Login credentials will be on your name badge.
How do we get in the Parks?

If you opted into the Thursday Evening Park Event during registration, you will receive one "After 5PM" admission ticket to the Disney Park of your choice and a $25 food and beverage voucher.

If you would like to purchase additional tickets to the Disney Parks: Discounted tickets are available exclusively to Staples Attendees. Please use the link below and purchase tickets before the site closes on June 7th.

Are guests allowed in the reception or sessions?
Due to capacity limits, guests are not allowed in any of the sessions or evening receptions.
Can I change my schedule?

Unfortunately, schedules can no longer be edited. If you didn't register beforehand you cannot participate ("walk in") due to capacity restrictions.

How do we get around Orlando?

From the Airport to the Walt Disney World Dolphin - We will send vouchers for a shuttle bus for transportation to the hotel. Located on the Ground Transportation Level (1) of the Orlando International Airport, the shuttle stops at both terminals. 

From the Walt Disney World Dolphin to the Airport - On Friday 6/14 shuttles will depart the Dolphin Convention Center starting at 12:30 PM.

To the Disney Parks - Free water taxi and busses depart every 20 minutes from the hotel. Buses depart from the front of the hotel (near the lobby). Water Taxis are located on the ground level (down lobby escalator and near Bluezoo Restaurant).

What if I need to make a change to my reservation?
The window for submitting changes with our group has passed. If you need to request additional nights, you must contact Ben Hedrick / TMN Events: 208-385-9510
My question wasn't answered here

Please visit the Staples check-in table on site. See above for dates, times and locations.

You can also email us at