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All S3 technical sessions are presented in plenary format and in depth discussion is encouraged.  On Wednesday, August 4 and Thursday, August 5, keynote lecturers and other industry experts will provide presentations on the latest analytical and design methods and practical applications.  California case histories will be highlighted, and deep mixing and ground improvement techniques are strongly represented due to their applicability to the San Francisco area.

Invited Speakers

Ross Boulanger (UC Davis)- Prof. Boulanger will overview seismic research efforts with a focus on current initiatives.

Rob Jameson (Malcolm Drilling)- Mr. Jameson will review the last decade of deep mixing practice in San Francisco.

Mark Rice (attorney)- Mr. Rice will address the legal and forensic considerations relative to landslides, causation, forensic analytics, and how post-slide investigations and legal resolutions occur and often falter with inadequate, initial investigation and “crime scene” capture.

Professor Ross Boulanger P.E., University of California Davis

Rob Jameson,
Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc.

Mark Rice Esq.,
McNeil, Silveria, Rice & Wiley

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Software Discussion

Jeff Segar, P.E., S.E. of Braun Intertec and Co-Chair for the DFI-ADSC Anchored Earth Retention Committee will present the background of the software discussion problem and facilitate the discussion aimed at furthering industry understanding of the use of software for slope stabilization problems.  This year's problem focuses on appropriate modeling of groundwater in slope stability analyses.  Providers of commonly used software packages will discuss, analyze and present solutions for a real-world slope stabilization problem, highlighting the influence of groundwater variations on the solutions, and provide tips on using packages to produce and validate solutions.  The presentation will be followed by a facilitated Q&A discussion.

Program Chair

Malcolm Drilling Company, Inc.

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