Taking place in one of the world's most beautiful tropical destinations and gathering Rotomolders, experts, and suppliers from several different countries, the International Rotomolding Conference provides its participants with unique learning and networking opporutnities.
Inspired by the needs and concerns most commonly found in the Rotomolding industry, this event's agenda includes dynamic and educational workshops, Live Machinery demonstrations and exercises, as well as conferences on various topics: from introductory sessions for those new to the industry, to the most recent developments in materials, processing, and technology.
The IRC is the only show that brings learning to life by conducing on-site demonstrations with different kinds of Rotomolding Machines.
Some of the featured machines will be available for purchase at AMAZING discounts!
Draw attention to your company's services and products by participating in the 2019 ROTOSHOW.
Spaces are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot in time!