About Cabana

Founded by Janet Wong and Sam Ben-Avraham, Cabana answers the beachwear industry's call for a new tradeshow format. As retrailers, it was clear for the duo to identify what the industry needed - a well-edited show with a sense of discovery and a refreshing, inspiring environment to shop in.

The show environment is inspired by the aesthetic of the best beach resports around the world from Tulum, to Cote de'Azur, to Ibiza.  While inspiration is an important aspect, comfort is also at the top of the list.  Cabana is a place where brands and buyers can do business but also reunite and relax.  Service is taken into consideration in all aspects of the show whether it’s golf carts between venues, creative food options, or a personalized bracelet instead of a badge as you enter the show – at Cabana it’s all in the details. 

Location: Collins Park, Miami Beach