Full Name
Britt Greaves
Job Title
Nurse & Community Manager at Trusted Health
Speaker Bio
Britt Greaves is a nurse of 10 years, she has worked in Adult Step-Down, Progressive Care, Hospice/Palliative, and COVID ICU but her ultimate passion is for lil humans in the PICU and CV-PICU. She traveled for 5 years all across the country and internationally on medical missions. She currently leads Community for Trusted Health. Her mission is to ensure healthcare professionals feel seen, heard, and supported throughout their journeys on and off the clock

During her time as a traveler, Britt found mental wellness practices such as mindfulness, meditation, sound healing, and other holistic therapies that helped her cope and heal from the daily weight of being a healthcare provider. She founded The Debrief, a safe space for healthcare professionals to heal, where she hosts retreat events, shares educational tools and resources, as well as connects the community through discussion.

When she’s not helping others find their light, you can catch Britt living her best life on IG: @catchbrittifyoucan
Britt Greaves