Full Name
JC Cahill
Speaker Bio
JC Cahill is a well-known industry speaker, consultant, and recycler. JC grew up in the recycling industry, but after graduating from the University of Vermont he decided to take a corporate career route. He worked for several years for both major consolidators at an executive level, serving as the National Sales Manager for GreenLeaf Auto Recycling and the Regional Director for B&R Auto Wrecking. JC also created the first hybrid self-service and full-service superstore for Schnitzer Steel.

After spending a few years in the corporate arena, JC realized that his real passion was the recycling industry he grew up in. Today, JC is the owner of two successful recycling facilities: New England Auto and Truck Recyclers (NEATR) in Massachusetts, and Cahill's Auto Parts in New York.

JC's other passion is teaching others the leadership and sales skills he has learned and practiced in his own business. His enthusiasm for teaching others is evident in his dynamic training classes, which have been attended by recyclers from across the industry. JC also practices what he preaches! In 2010, his employees nominated him and he won The Locator Magazine's "Boss of the Year" award.
JC Cahill