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Mike James
James Environmental Management
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Mike James complements his more than 40 years of hands on experience building and leading Compliance Assurance programs in heavy industrial environments with a BS in Electrical Engineering, a MBA, and a MS in Civil & Environmental Engineering. During his career with companies including General Electric, Texas Instruments and the electric utility industry Mike has managed major facility infrastructure construction projects, engineering and maintenance operations, major heavy industrial safety and environmental programs, and federal and state superfund cleanups. Trained as a lead auditor for ISO 9001 and OSHAs 18001, Mike has been involved in the full breadth of the Compliance programs including the Auto Recycling industries CAR and URG 8000 programs. Founded in 1994, James Environmental Management specializes in providing safety and environmental compliance assurance programs for the automotive recycling, scrap metal, and towing industries. During the last two years, Mike and a diverse team of specialists have been developing the cloud based Compliance Assurance Solution called eComply® allowing industry clients to manage the risks within their business.
Mike James