Thursday, July 9

9:45 AM

Rolling graphics/Video


Welcome Graphic

10:02 AM

UNITY video - 44th Birthday Video


Sponsor Welcome - Bank of America

10:05 AM

Welcome by Chance Rush and Abby Rush

10:07 AM

Emcee One

10:14 AM



SleepyEye LaFromboise, Dakota/Seneca & Sheldon Smith, Navajo

10:35 AM

Alec Ferreira - Trivia

10:36 AM

Introduction of UNITY Drum


UNITY Drum - Junior Sierra and Michael Killer, Cherokee

10:42 AM

Introduction of UNITY QuaranTEAM


UNITY’s QuaranTEAM Welcomes You!


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10:47 AM

Welcome - Miss Indian World Cheyenne Kippenberger

10:49 AM

Welcome Remarks - Aaron Payment

10:51 AM

Cultural Presentation - Izaiah Fisher & Family

10:55 AM

Ice Breaker - Scavanger Hunt (Two graphics)

10:57 AM

Trainers - Team Building

11:12 AM

Participate in our online poll!

11:14 AM

Answer to Trivia question and Introduction of Taboo


Taboo (in house)

11:16 AM

Video Presentation from Kristen Butcher

11:18 AM

Introduce UNITY News

11:19 AM

UNITY News Videos / UNITY YouTube Channel

11:25 AM

Explain purpose of caucus/procedures and Input of youth issues


Graphic Area Caucus Announcement - Wednesday, July 15 and Thursday July 16

11:28 AM

Special Guest Speaker - Kyle Bell, Muscogee Creek Filmmaker, Spike Lee Protege’

11:38 AM

Special Messages - Miss Native American USA Lexie James

11:40 AM

Talent Showcase Promotion (sign up required)

11:42 AM

Special Guest Speaker - Bunky Echohawk

11:46 AM

National Council of Urban Indian Health Youth Council announcement

11:48 AM

Black Lives Matter - How it resonates with Native Americans


Moderator: Juanita Toledo

12:19 PM

Special Presentation - Radmilla Cody

12:29 PM


12:40 PM

Wrap up remarks


Please visit Workshop Sessions on your own (complete evaluations to win prizes)!


Check out the video entries for the Business Plan competition sponsored by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development!

12:45 PM

Spoken Word Performance


See you on July 23 for our Closing Genersal Session!

12:50 PM

Emcee One