SEAA Registration Options

If you are coming to SEAA to display and sell your products and/or services to other SEAA participants, or if your company has previously participated at SEAA as an Exhibitor, you need to register your company as an Exhibitor.  An Exhibitor Registration includes a standard Exhibit table and passes for two exhibitor participants.  SEAA will allow for Roaming Exhibitors after all available Exhibit Tables have been reserved.  A Roaming Exhibitor registration is the same cost as an Exhibitor Registration, and also comes with two passes for Exhibitor participants. 

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NO  CLICK HERE to register  for an Exhibit Table. 

SEAA assigns table locations at the close of registration.  Exhibitors’ table locations are determined based on sponsorship level and the number of years exhibiting at the annual SEAA event.  SEAA makes every effort to ensure competing Exhibitors are not placed next to one another.

YES – Contact for the access code to register as an Additional Exhibitor Participant for $300. Once you receive the code, CLICK HERE to register as an Additional Exhibitor Participant.   


If you work for a Professional Services company – i.e., Attorney, Accountant, Investment Banker, Consultant – you need to register as Professional Services Firm.  Professional Services Firm Attendees will be issued the same color credential as an Exhibitor to designate that you are a professional attending the show in a business development capacity.

CLICK HERE to register as an Professional Services Firm for $450.


Independent Sales Offices, Merchant Level Sales People, and those attending SEAA to review, purchase and/or resell the products available in the Exhibit Hall and learn about the latest in industry trends and regulations.

CLICK HERE to register as an Attendee for $95 through February 27, 2023. The registration cost will increase to $125 on February 28, 2023 through June 12, 2023.  Onsite registration cost is $175.

CLICK HERE to register as a Tuesday Only Attendee pass for $100.  For Florida-based professionals, this special one day pass will provide you with access to all of the SEAA Breakout Sessions, Keynote Speaker, Lunch and the Closing Reception on Tuesday, June 14.  Participants registering for the Tuesday Only pass may not pick-up their conference credentials until Tuesday morning, June 14, beginning at 8:30 a.m.

This is for an Attendee Pass, the SEAA Code of Conduct for Attendees will apply (SEAA Code of Conduct).  Any participant with an Attendee Badge reported for trying to sell to other Attendees may be barred from participation at future SEAA Conferences along with that participants employer.


*Any registration

deemed to be in thewrong category may be cancelled or modified at the discretion of the SEAA Board of Directors.