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*Manufacturers/Producers of equipment/software/services who do not exhibit in the show will be classified as Non-Exhibitors (NONEX). NONEX’s are those types of companies that would normally sell their product or service to an attendee. Companies who solicit exhibitors are also considered NONEX. Pave/X reserves the right to accept or reject registrations and to cancel any previously accepted reservations, at any time, at its sole discretion, without liability to the registrant or any other party. Pave/X regularly reviews registrants and may change their registration status to NONEX upon review. This policy was instituted to maintain the professional environment and integrity of the show, while protecting the interests and investments of our attendees and exhibitors. Exhibiting companies may bring up to two employees per 100 square feet of exhibit space and invite unlimited qualified customers or prospects. 

*All registration types include access to the exhibit hall floor, outdoor demos and After Party