Creative Professionals – Designers/Digital Content Creators

Code of Conduct

Art Materials World Featuring Creativation is a professional trade show event and Namta asks that while in attendance that you adhere to the guidelines stated below.

  1. You and the staff you bring will be issued a badge at registration. The badge will identify you as a Creative Professional and include your name(s) and the registered company name. These badges must be worn at all times while on the show floor or attending show events.


  1. Rolling backpacks, strollers and wagons are not allowed on the show floor at any time.


  1. While many exhibitors and retailers are very interested in speaking with a Creative Professional member, this is a tradeshow in which exhibitors have paid to first and foremost promote and sell their products to the retail buyers in attendance. We ask that when visiting a booth you respect this and find the appropriate manner and time to speak with them about your business and how it can benefit them.


  1.  The Creative Professional Lounge will be open throughout the show and is located just outside the show floor. This space is designated solely for Creative Professional members to conduct business. Networking events will be scheduled in here and retail and supplier members will be advised that they can meet with Creative Professional members and attend events in this space.


  1. Please do not at any time during the show and/or teardown ask for free product from a vendor unless it has been offered to you as a part of business relationship.


  1. If you would like to video or take photos of a vendor’s product for promotion permission must be received at all times from the vendor. 


  1. Creative Professional members are welcome to participate in the Demo Alley as long as they are conducting demonstrations using ONLY participating exhibitor’s products.