May 15th – SDG Financial Review                              Meeting
                      Exhibitor Set-Up Day
May 16th – ITEX Day 1
May 17th – ITEX Day 2 (Half Day)
SDG will be hosting its annual Spring meeting in conjunction with ITEX. Our meeting will take place on May 15th and 16th (half day) and ITEX will follow on the 16th and 17th with some great education and vendors to network with.
  • Expo Hall (Free): Every SDG member recieves a free​ Expo Hall pass, which allows you access to the floor.​
  • Conference Pass ($199): If you are interested in attending ITEX educational tracks you may upgrade your pass at discounted rates.​
  • Certificate Pass ($299): ITEX is also offering an IT certificate course (via Comptia) in Cloud Solutions. The certificate will address the specifics of how to increase profitability through integrating cloud based solutions into service provider's offerings. So if you want to bring your IT staff to take these courses and earn a certificate, you may also upgrade to this package at a discounted rate.