Dear visitor,
We offer free tickets to trade visitors and members of the press. To ensure that this offer is used only by authorized persons, we need some more information from you. Please take a moment to fill in our 3-step questionnaire. We will get back to you as soon as we have verified whether you are entitled to a free ticket. We thank you for your collaboration and understanding.

Qualifications for Admission: HardRock Summit is open to all qualified industry professionals.

Required Documentation:

Required Documentation for each company (one of the following):

Copy of your business license or tax-exempt certificate clearly demonstrating industry affiliation (must be dated within the last 2 years). If your license does not clearly demonstrate your industry affiliation or is dated over 2 years ago, you must ALSO provide copies of itemized invoices (totaling $10,000) from three different suppliers of jewelry, precious metal or colored gemstones for purchases made within the past year. Each invoice must show multiple items.
–All documents must be in English or have accompanying English translation.
–All documents must have matching company name and address and they must also match the company name and address you used for your Registration.
JBT Number.
A letter from an AGTA exhibiting member indicating you are his/her wholesale client.
If you work for a major department store or major jewelry brand, you must provide the following (Only jewelry buying departments or higher corporate professionals):
–Professionally printed business card with the company name, position and your name.
–Recent W2 form, cancelled payroll check or pay stub.
Proof of Employment is required for each person attending as a buyer for your company. One of the following is acceptable as proof of employment:
Professionally printed business card (Must have buyer’s first & last name and the company name must match the qualified, attending company)
Recent W-2.
Recent pay stub.
–Please submit proof of employment for any buyer who has not attended in the past 2 years.
–First and last names must be submitted in full. Forms with initials will not be processed.