Full Name
Tyrin Tyson
Job Title
RN, financial planner & entrepreneur
Speaker Bio
Tyrin Tyson is a licensed registered nurse, financial planner, and entrepreneur born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. Tyrin obtained his ASN and BSN at the Community College of Baltimore County and the University of Towson.

Through 5 years of nursing experience in emergency medicine, critical care and now specializing in vascular access. Tyrin holds the honor of traveling around the country as a crisis response nurse aiding in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tyrin is best known for his youtube channel “TheUrbanNurse” in which he speaks about his experiences in nursing from the raw perspective of a minority male nurse. As TheUrbanNurse Tyrin has contributed to his community through his philanthropic efforts in the city of Baltimore.

Tyrin has redirected his focus from clinical nursing practice to becoming a wealth curator for traveling nurses. Through real estate investing and entrepreneurship, he’s found his passion for wealth development and legacy creation. Having acquired his ASAA Investment Advisers license, Tyrin aims to bring awareness to the importance of financial independence guided by personal and professional development.
Tyrin Tyson