Full Name
Melanie Mosberg
Job Title
Social Worker: Case Management Traveler
Speaker Bio
Melanie Mosberg is a medical social worker earning her Master of Social Work Degree from the University of South Carolina, Columbia. Melanie was a late bloomer earning her Associates, Bachelor and Masters Degrees in a span of eight years and graduated with her Masters when she was 40 years old and has spent the past ten years as a medical social worker. She started her social work career in a large hospital system in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her primary focus was the adult and pediatric emergency department. Since then, Melanie has covered every discipline in the hospital system. Melanie has been a travel social worker since 2018 and has 13 assignments under her belt. Melanie has been featured on a few podcasts: Travel Evolved-Episode 6–Navigating a Bad Assignment and TravCon–Travel Nursing and Allied Life and is a Healthcare Educator for Nepris. Melanie is very passionate about diversity and inclusion and is an ally in the LGBT community. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys concerts, sporting events, theater, volunteering and of course travel.
Melanie Mosberg