Full Name
Anthony Swain
Job Title
Travel RN & Financial Freedom Enthusiast
Speaker Bio
Anthony is a nurse entrepreneur with ~9 years of experience in the nursing field. As a travel nurse since 2016, Anthony realized there was a lack of financial literacy to help nurses manage their increased income. Sure, nurses were earning more, but he wanted to make sure they were keeping more too. This is why he became a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI)® to position himself as an expert resource on personal finance. His goal is to spread financial education throughout the travel healthcare community.

Now, he works as a Wealth Coach to empower nurses to take control of their financial situations and progress on their path to financial independence. He helps nurses increase their income, optimize finances, start side hustles/small businesses, maximize travel contract income, and much more.

You can connect with him on his Instagram: financiallyfitnurse. He shares helpful content including saving & investing tips, wealth building, his real estate investing journey, and how to maximize your time as a traveling professional.
Anthony Swain